Kids Bringing Home the Germs?

To avoid catching all the things going around school – you have to be proactive!  There are three keys:

1 – you have to boost your immune system.

2 – you have to have good nutrition – at the cellular level.

3 – you have to have the right treatment for symptoms.

To boost your immune system can be simple and easy – with the right support.   There are a few key ways to do this – of course you need to know that what you are using is 100% natural, and effective.  What if you had access to the formulation that was created to fight against radioactive effects from the Chernobil reactor leaks in the 80’s?   You do!   As you may know, radiation kills your immune system.   The result is that you could catch anything – and everything – that comes your way!  So, boosting the immune system is the key to stopping germs and virus’ getting into and attacking your system.   You can get this powerful immune boost from Xinko Global in the product called Protect.    There are other immune boost formulations as well.  Be sure you are taking them each and every day all winter long!  Check out the video here:  

Good nutrition is necessary all year long, but even more so during the winter.  Your body is working hard to support your healthy and active lifestyle.   When you add to it the additional challenges cold weather brings, you really need to support it and ensure that you are getting good nutrition right down to the cellular level.  This means supporting it with key vitamins, minerals and enzymes to ensure all bodily functions can work for you.  And giving it powerful nutrition with key fruits, vegetables, greens and proteins is also vital to your daily function.   You can do this all with Daily Basic, Daily Xinko and Daily Dine from Xinko Global.

When you find yourself having early symptoms like sore throat, nasal congestion, and body aches, attack back immediately with the right support your body needs to stop disease early, and support your body in eliminating the symptoms without weakening your immune system as some over-the-counter and prescription medications can do.  Using Xinko Global’s Aire, Bio-Sil and Immune are both fast acting responders to sinus, allergy, virus, cold and flu symptoms and cutting your body’s response time dramatically.

Effectively Support Immune System Function to Prevent Cold and Flu

It is that time of year – the leaves change, the fall colors are beautiful!  But it should also remind you – winter is coming!  The increase of virus and germ spreading that can cause you to feel run down, and even get you flat-on-your-back sick!  So now is the time to prepare.   Making sure you arm your body with what it takes to fight cold and flu, to increase energy, and boost your immune system to fight off all that is coming at you.  For starters, you need to be sure you are keeping your home, your office, your car, consistently clean – use a good disinfectant a couple of times a week to get rid of anything that does get shared.  Cover your mouth when you sneeze.  And when someone around you sneezes – be prepared!  Wash your hands frequently with a good anti-bacterial soap, and by all means, keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes.   These are the simple things that can be a first line of defense.   But as you know, you will breathe in air that contains just about everything.  So you need your body to be ready to fight off those things you can’t avoid.

Be cautious about the use of allergy and cold medicines.  Most of those that are designed to help you breathe easier also suppress your immune system, which can actually make you sicker!  They mean well, treating the symptoms.  But to really overcome, you need something like Xinko Global’s Aire – which is designed to support you in overcoming the allergy and sinus symptoms, while at the same time boosting your immune system.  Always have some of this on hand and you’ll be breathing easier, and making sure your body doesn’t suppress the very immune fighters you need so that you don’t catch that flu going around.

Humankind’s immune system is designed to respond to constant attack from a wide array of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites. Your second defense is to help your immune system help you with added nutrients to give your immunity a kick to high gear.  Xinko Global’s Protect contains over 43 ingredients that work synergistically to boost combat. The ingredients found to be key in this product are Artimisiae, Astragalus, Ganoderma, Tabebuia, Licorice, Ginseng, Glucans, Zinc and Selenium, along with a beneficial mix of essential vitamins and minerals. Artimisiae and Astragalus are both used by the Chinese for supporting production of leukocytes, phagocytes, transforming lymphocytes, and generating interferons  Interferons (IFNs) are natural cell-signaling proteins produced by the cells of the immune system in response to challenges by foreign agents such as viruses, parasites and tumor cells. They assist the immune response by inhibiting viral replication within host cells, activating natural killer cells and macrophages, increasing antigen presentation to lymphocytes, and inducing host cells’ resistance to viral infection, thus improving immune function. Ganoderma is a Chinese mushroom which is used to support an increase in leukocytes and phagocyte production. Tabebuia is known as a specific immune booster.  Licorice and Ginseng are added to this product to promote phagocytosis and lymphocyte transformation. Licorice has also been known to support the body in combating issues such as stomach ulcers, bronchitis, sore throat, and other infections caused by viruses, including hepatitis. Glucans (Shiitake Mushrooms) are specific to support immune system integrity. Shiitake possess multiple chemicals that have demonstrated support antibacterial and antiviral properties. Zinc is needed for lymphoid tissue integrity, supporting levels of T- and B-Cell counts in the body; these cells are needed to help fight infection.  Selenium is another nutrient found in Protect that is essential to tissue reparation. It supports protection against many immune problems. Protect also contains ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, E, and B, L-Cystein, L-Glutathione and Thymus. Each of these ingredients is helpful in supporting the immune system.

Your third defense is to ensure you have good nutrition.  That your body is armed with what it needs to function and support your active lifestyle.  Xinko Global’s Daily Basic is a powerful iron-free multivitamin/ mineral supplement specifically formulated for the needs of today’s active lifestyle. It promotes good health and vitality by providing important nutrients that support against free radicals, slows the aging process, and aids in cleansing and detoxifying the body.  Daily Basic includes chelated minerals, high- quality vitamins, herbs, and digestants for maximum assimilation. A synergistically balanced formula of necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace minerals contributes to good health by regulating the metabolism and assisting the biochemical processes that release energy from digested food.  Enzymes are essential chemicals that are the foundation of human bodily functions. They are the catalysts or activators in the chemical reactions that are continually taking place within the body. Vitamins and minerals work with these enzymes as coenzymes, thereby allowing all the activities that occur within the body to happen quickly and accurately.

During winter, it is harder to find good fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.  To support your good nutrition, you might also consider a whole food supplement from Xinko Global called Daily Xinko.   Today’s health enthusiast buzz centers around green super foods that contain all the necessary ingredients for optimum health. After 30 years of research and testing in the practitioner grade supplementation as a premier provider for medical supplements, Xinko Global has culminated our knowledge to produce a premier green super food. Our product “Daily Xinko” contains over 36 different top quality concentrates of fruits, vegetables and super greens. Just one 8oz serving per day provides the nutrients of 5 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables as suggested by the FDA.  These super foods utilize light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. It is nature’s perfect food with more than 64 micro nutrients are present in this formula.  Research has shown it’s not only what you eat, but also what your body absorbs and assimilates that is important. This formula provides nutrition in its simplest form as a balanced whole food nutrition that is easily digested and absorbed. This formula allows rapid absorption of vital nutrients with 97% assimilation.  Greens are among the most fundamental food on the planet. There is simply nothing else like it. Various types of greens such as algae, Spirulina, and other greens has been harvested and eaten for centuries and yet, until recently its immense nutritional value have mostly gone unrecognized. Now, science has begun to focus their attention particularly on the nutritional potential of barley grass, oat grass, alfalfa, spinach, chlorella, Spirulina and blue green algae because of global hunger, shrinking resources depleted lands, etc. The results of this research and testing have been impressive enough for UC Irvine scientists to call it a Super Food capable of contributing to the achievement and maintenance of wellness.

Xinko Global offers convenient kids cold pack, parents cold pack and family cold packs at a huge discount to help you in your quest for good health in the winter months.  These packs are almost half-off, to support you in your battle against cold and flu.  So fight – and win this winter with the right support – immune boosts and great nutrition!