Experience the Power of 5!

People are suffering.  They are struggling physically, financially and personally – and we can help.  We can give them what they need to recover. Our all natural products based on over 30 years of scientific and clinical research provide your body what it needs to do what it does best.  Our formulations contain key botanicals, co-factors and enzymes to enable your body to recover.  From those influences from poor lifestyle, environment, and even radiation and heavy metals that are in our food and water.  These formulations were previously only available through physicians and health care practitioners.   Our formulators and health professionals had a burning desire to bring these formulations to you.  To give you what your body needs to recover, to repair and restore your good health. These formulations are designed to support your daily nutritional requirements, the need for healthy energy, and to support your body in recovery from certain conditions such as cardio-vascular issues, focus and brain function, and fighting off unnatural body disorders.   Our unique bio-medical testing platform ensures that you identify your body’s specific needs, and can obtain the formulations that will support those issues that you have today.  And not just today, but every day.

Why Enzymes?

Enzymes are necessary for the breakdown and absorption of nutrients in the digestive process for use in the body.

Appropriate combinations of these key enzymes are included in all formulations of Xinko Global all natural botanical formulations.

Lipase – catalyzes the hydrolysis or formation of lipids. Lipases perform essential roles in the digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids (e.g. triglycerides, fats, oils)

Protease – break down proteins by hydrolyzing bonds between amino acids.

Cellulase – break down fiber for use in the body

Amylase – break down carbohydrates for use as energy

Lactase – break down lactose and defend against intolerence in the body

When looking at labels for health supplements, always look to see that they include these key digestive enzymes.  Otherwise, you will frequently see that your body has simple expelled the targeted ingredient (ie vitamin or mineral included in the supplement), without absorption and utilization by your body.  This is usually evidenced by brightly colored urine.  If you take supplements with key ingredients and enzymes to improve absorption, your body will utilize them much better for repair and support of the problem for which the key ingredient is being taken.