Prevent Stroke!

What do you know about Tocotrienol?   Whatever it is, there is more!  Did you know, for instance, that there is much credible evidence that Tocotrienol can help prevent stroke?  We could say so much here, but really, one key way to find out more is to watch this video.

Then, go to     There are several scientific studies posted there supporting that tocotrienol can prevent stroke.

Fast Forward – to Xinko Global’s Cardio-Care formulation.   Which contains 100mg of Tocotrienol per capsule.  The largest dosage in the marketplace.  And, which also has the needed co-factors and enzymes to maximize assimilation of the Tocotrienol for use in the body.  This is one of those every-day use necessity products.

Research Tocotrienol!  See its many benefits.  And learn how this powerful formulation can improve and lengthen your life!


More Powerful Than You Know

Tocotrienol is a form of vitamin E that has shown importance and support in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, healthy nerves, muscles and strong capillary cells. It retards aging and may prevent age spots as well. In addition it promotes healthy skin, hair and eyes and is necessary for tissue repair. Research also suggests that it improves athletic performance and relaxes leg cramps. Signs of deficiency can include infertility (men and women) menstrual problems, neuromuscular impairment, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) uterine degeneration and shortened life span of red blood cells. Low levels of vitamin E in the body have been liked to both bowel cancer and breast cancer. Increased incidence of heart disease has been linked to low levels of vitamin E in our diets, due to
reliance on over processed foods. Supplementation of annatto Tocotrienol supports the bodies normal function.  This powerful form of Tocotrienol is available in Xinko Global‘s Cardio-Care Formulation, along with other key ingredients and co-factors with added benefits as follows:
Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that also protects other antioxidants such as Tocotrienol vitamin E. It protects the cells of the brain and spinal cord, which incur the most free radical damage. It detoxifies many harmful substances and plays a key role in immunity and stimulates certain key immune cells.
Selenium enhances Tocotrienol uptake, and these two nutrients should be taken together as it is a partner and synergist for Tocotrienol. Selenium is also an essential component of the important antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase that targets harmful hydrogen peroxide. It is very important for heart, liver and lungs. Selenium also stimulates increased antibody response to infection.
Zinc is needed for proper maintenance of Tocotrienol vitamin E levels in the blood and aids in the absorption of Vitamin A. Other important functions of this mineral include the promotion of glandular and reproductive health and proper functioning of the immune system. It is also a constituent of insulin. Sufficient intake
and absorption of zinc are needed to maintain the proper concentration of vitamin E in the blood. Glucomannon is a fiber known to collect and remove fats from the colon wall. It also has the shown to support normalization of blood cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins in the blood, binds with toxic substances and carries them out of the body. Grape Seed Extract has a great concentration of Tocotrienol vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid and OPCs. (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) recognized as anti-oxidants. Grape seed extract may be useful to treat heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol by inhibiting platelet aggregation and reducing inflammation.
Resveratrol is an anti aging supplement that contains many other beneficial effects aside from its ability to make you look and feel younger. Enzymes in the body called sirtuins (silent information regulator proteins) act as protection for cells and enhance their ability to survive. These sirtuins have been shown to increase DNA stability and speed cellular repair.”We think sirtuins buy cells time to repair damage,” says molecular biologist David Sinclair, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the study. It is believed that the self-destruction of cancer cells, a process known as apoptosis, is activated by Resveratrol.
Pomegranate can reduce your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone in saliva and reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It also has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of Alzheimer and arthritis.
EDS our proprietary blend of enzymes that speeds digestion, improve absorption and increases bioavailability.
ADPT our proprietary blend of Adaptogens (Eleuthero, Reishi, Ganoderma, Jiaogulan, Cordyceps, and Rhodiola Rosea) that support the countering the adverse effects of stress, increase energy, increase the body’s resistance to a broad range of adverse influences, and have a normalizing effect, improving many conditions while aggravating none. Adaptogens give the body a tune-up. They help the cells produce energy and use it more efficiently.
These comments have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

For more information about the importance of co-facturs and creation of proper formulations, see our earlier post regarding formulations, and watch the videos on our Xinko Global YouTube Channel.

Benefits of Tocotrienol

Many of you have been asking about the Cardio-Care product with Xinko Global, and one of its key ingredients, Tocotrienol. Here are some of the key benefits of Tocotrienol. Of course no product can promise any certain result, and Xinko Cardio-Care is no exception – it is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. However, we do know that the following benefits are achieved by some users of the product and can possibly benefit you in the following ways:

Inhibit cholesterol production in the liver, thereby lowering total blood cholesterol.
Alpha Tocotrienol inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol.
Tocotrienols have been shown to suppress cholesterol biosynthesis and reduce cholesterol level.
Combination of gamma-tocotrienol and alpha-tocopherol is found as a potential hypolipemic agent in hyperlipemic humans at atherogenic risk.
Tocotienols inhibit cholesterogenesis by suppressing HMG-CoA reductase.
Tocotrienols have anti-aggregation effect on blood platelets which will inhibit the thrombosis process.
Confer anti-cancer properties
Inhibit tumour growth of certain cancers
Alpha and Gamma-Tocotrienols have shown to prolong the life span of cancer-infected mice.
Tocotrienols inhibited tumour cell growth of HELA and P388 cells in culture.
Gamma-tocotrienols is 3 times more potent in inhibiting growth of human breast cancer cultured cells than Tomoxifen.
Alpha Tocotrienol showed better antioxidant activity than alpha-tocopherol in rat liver microsomal membrane.
Antioxidants such as palm tocotrienols caused regression in carotid artery stenosis.
Palm oil vitamin E significantly protects against ischemia/ reperfusion injury in the isolated perfused Langendorff heart.
Supports immune health
Aids in management of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Retard cellular ageing due to oxidation
Supplies increased oxygen
Prevents varicose veins
Alleviates fatigue
Prevents external scar formation
Accelerates healing of burns
Lower blood pressure
Aids in preventing miscarriages
Prevents deficiencies caused by excess polyunsaturated oils, chlorinated drinking water, hormone contraceptives and menopause.

Some information on Tocotrienols from Wikkepedia includes:

The discovery of tocotrienols was first reported by Pennock and Whittle (USDA, Liverpool) in 1964, describing the isolation of tocotrienols from rubber.[8] The biological significance of tocotrienols was clearly delineated in the early 1980s, when its ability to lower cholesterol was first reported by Qureshi and Elson (UWisconsin/Madison).[9] During the 1990s, the anti-cancer properties of tocopherols and tocotrienols began to be delineated.[10]
The current commercial sources of tocotrienol are rice, palm, and annatto.[11] The ratio of tocopherol-to-tocotrienol in rice, palm, and annatto is 50:50, 25:75, and 0.1:99.9, respectively. . α-tocopherol makes up roughly 25-50% of palm and rice vitamin E mixtures, respectively, and has been shown to interfere with tocotrienol benefits. Annatto, on the other hand, naturally contains only δ- and γ-tocotrienols and is essentially tocopherol-free, hence not confined by α-tocopherol interference issues.
Other natural tocotrienol sources include rice bran oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, barley, and wheat germ.[12] Sunflower, peanut, walnut, sesame, and olive oils, however contain only tocopherols.[13] Vitamin E supplements typically supply 50–200 mg/day of mixed tocotrienols. In a number of clinical trials, doses of tocotrienols as low as 42 mg/day have shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels by 5%-35%.[14] Tocotrienols are safe and human studies show no adverse effects with consumption of 240 mg/day for 48 months.[15]
Tocotrienol rich fractions from rice, palm, or annatto, used in nutritional supplements, functional foods, and anti-aging cosmetics, are available in the market at 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% total vitamin E content. Molecular distillation occurs at lower temperatures and reduces the problem of thermal decomposition. High vacuum also eliminates oxidation that might occur in the presence of air.[16] For the utility and quality it is desired for the absolute tocotrienol concentration to be highest, tocopherol to be the lowest, and the process used to be solvent-free. Annatto tocotrienol has the highest tocotrienol concentrations, and is tocopherol-free. (From Wikkepeida)

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Experience the Power of 5!

People are suffering.  They are struggling physically, financially and personally – and we can help.  We can give them what they need to recover. Our all natural products based on over 30 years of scientific and clinical research provide your body what it needs to do what it does best.  Our formulations contain key botanicals, co-factors and enzymes to enable your body to recover.  From those influences from poor lifestyle, environment, and even radiation and heavy metals that are in our food and water.  These formulations were previously only available through physicians and health care practitioners.   Our formulators and health professionals had a burning desire to bring these formulations to you.  To give you what your body needs to recover, to repair and restore your good health. These formulations are designed to support your daily nutritional requirements, the need for healthy energy, and to support your body in recovery from certain conditions such as cardio-vascular issues, focus and brain function, and fighting off unnatural body disorders.   Our unique bio-medical testing platform ensures that you identify your body’s specific needs, and can obtain the formulations that will support those issues that you have today.  And not just today, but every day.

Why Enzymes?

Enzymes are necessary for the breakdown and absorption of nutrients in the digestive process for use in the body.

Appropriate combinations of these key enzymes are included in all formulations of Xinko Global all natural botanical formulations.

Lipase – catalyzes the hydrolysis or formation of lipids. Lipases perform essential roles in the digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids (e.g. triglycerides, fats, oils)

Protease – break down proteins by hydrolyzing bonds between amino acids.

Cellulase – break down fiber for use in the body

Amylase – break down carbohydrates for use as energy

Lactase – break down lactose and defend against intolerence in the body

When looking at labels for health supplements, always look to see that they include these key digestive enzymes.  Otherwise, you will frequently see that your body has simple expelled the targeted ingredient (ie vitamin or mineral included in the supplement), without absorption and utilization by your body.  This is usually evidenced by brightly colored urine.  If you take supplements with key ingredients and enzymes to improve absorption, your body will utilize them much better for repair and support of the problem for which the key ingredient is being taken.

Know How the Right Formulations Help Recover Good Health

So many people are facing crisis in their personal health.  And it seems complicated to figure out how to deal with them.  going to medical doctors seems to be a very unproductive process of trial and error – trying to figure out how to treat symptoms, yet not understanding the underlying issues occurring in your body.  It is imperative that you take control of your own health.  Only you know what is really going on.  You have to take control of your recovery – the recovery of your good health.  Getting an appropriate way to determine what your problems are, and how a problem in your digestive system can impact your liver, your kidneys, and other systems and organs in your body – finding how they interrelate and effective ways to support them is key to recovering your good health.  Formulations should always include key enzymes and adaptogens – co-factors that can support inter-relating systems and organ function is key to ensuring you improve your health and eliminate problems facing you in your day-to-day physical and mental functions.  Be sure you are educated on what those formulations are – and how they inter-relate so that you can recover quickly and effectively.

There are many simple things you can do each day to ensure your good health.  Common sense these days tells us that a healthy diet is key to daily function.  But understanding what the key components of a powerful formulation is necessary to quickly and efficiently recovering your good health.

The power of Xinko Global is grounded in the formulations, the purest ingredients blended with complimentary enzymes, adaptogens and co-factors to maximize the efficiency of each product.  One ingredient may make you feel a little better, but combining that key ingredient with a multitude of complimentary supplements in each formulation makes a complete nutritional and functional product that can help your body do what it does best.  When you were born, your body was in balance.  It knew what it needed to do, and how to do it.  Since then, you have been impacted by lifestyle choices, environment, and even radiation and cancer causing agents.
Xinko Global formulations create a fundamental shift in the science behind nutritional supplements. It’s the culmination of more than 30 years of work from the brightest minds in botanicals and nutrition. Every ingredient, found in prime locations all around the world, is clinically analyzed for content, purity, and potency. But it doesn’t stop there; individual ingredients are only the beginning.
So be sure that you get the right targeted ingredients, and then support it with the right enzymes and co-factors to ensure that the ingredients’ power can be maximized to the benefit of your good health.