About Us

Xinko Global positions you to live, work and play, your way.  To ensure you experience the Power of Five – to achieve happiness, longevity, wealth, luck and prosperity.  Happiness is that feeling that all is well in our lives.  That feeling of joy that we are connected, that we want for nothing, that we are in tune with our passion. Longevity is our good health.  The ability to enjoy our lives without concern for pain or limitation from our physical bodies. Wealth is that which we need financially to feel secure.  To get what we want and need in this world.  Luck is of course that invisible energy that seems to bring the health, wealth and happiness into our lives without effort. Prosperity is the culmination of having what we desire in all areas of our lives.

Xinko Global brings you over 30 years of scientific and clinical experience with products featuring natural formulations.  This experience ensures you have quality products which were previously only available through health care professionals.  Our formulations are “Best In Class”.

We focus on your total health, with formulations designed to support your daily nutritional support needs, as well as addressing specific conditions affecting you from time to time.   Our experienced formulators, medical doctors, biochemists, chiropractors, nutritionists and researchers have over 100 years of combined knowledge, experience and expertise.   Our formulations combine the highest quality of proven botanicals from all over the globe to create powerful combinations that really make a difference.

With five key enzymes, adaptogens and co-factors in every product, not only do you have key botanical ingredients that support your good health, you have the formulation support necessary for your body to absorb and utilize the power of each ingredient.

Xinko Global is a company driven by our customers and associates.  We seek to meet their wants, needs and desires.  With powerful compensation programs created by associates, for associates.   With technology and systems created to support business builders and customers alike.  Utilizing cutting edge technologies such as mobile tagging and digital media.  To enhance even the most inexperienced associate’s desire to share and teach about The Power of Five.  And enabling all to achieve recovery in every area of life.

View our website at http://www.xinkoglobal.com

View our blog at http://www.xinkoglobal.wordpress.com

view our YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/user/xinkoglobal

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