Get More energy – Naturally!

OK – we hear you loud and clear!  So many of you contacted us and asked for more specific solutions to getting natural energy.  So here is some additional information in follow-up to our post “Good Vs. Evil – The Great Energy Debate”  (we encourage you to read it too!)

Your body is made of energy.  It operates like it’s own generator – you feed it fuel, it processes it for use in the forms that it needs it, and then expends the energy in your physical activity.  Sometimes you need a little, like on a lazy Sunday afternoon while you are watching movies or sports or taking an afternoon nap.  Your body doesn’t expend any extra energy, and won’t need a huge re-fill.  Now Saturday is likely a much different story.  You may be doing housework, running errands, getting in some exercise, and even extreme sports activities.  You are going to need to “gas-up” for these kinds of days, getting extra fuel to feed your energy system.

Where you get this fuel is important.   If you are already thin and athletic, or even trying to gain weight, you will need a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins to fuel your system.   If you are trying to lose weight, you will seek out lower calorie fuels and even consider liquid fuel to ensure you can get everything done without adding extra carbohydrate calories that may quickly convert and store as fat if you don’t use them all.

And on those days when you have too much to do and little time to do it, you find yourself not having time to plan out detailed balanced energy fuel (and let’s face it, we usually have 4-6 of those a week!), then I suggest you keep on hand good healthy energy support that can give you great nutritional support as well.  You will look for one that can not only give you fuel, but can help your body recover from exertion, and have good focus to support that burst of productivity, with no crash to ruin your day.  You also want something that will keep a healthy digestive system and boost your immune system so that you don’t suffer when you over-do it.

In short, it isn’t just about the energy, but it is also about getting full body and brain support that will keep you healthy too.  The right formulation is incredibly important.  And you don’t want to take anything chemical or chemically extracted, as it could upset the pH balance in your body, and deposit toxins in your fat cells that can make you feel sluggish, and show down your digestive and other systems.  So when you hear someone say “it’s all natural” – that’s not the only thing that matters (although it matters greatly!).  Ensure that you have non-chemically extracted all natural ingredients that will boost energy, focus, recovery and immune boost with a dose of good nutrition too!

Xinko Global’s Daily Drive is the perfect support whether you are in for a high-impact pressure-filled workday, a busy and extreme sports Saturday, and even for a laid-back Sunday.  It won’t keep you up all night, it will give you the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.  Daily Drive is simple to carry, as it is a light-weight mini-scoop powder that you mix with water.  Whether it is bottled water, your filtered water or in a mixing cup, you can make it and take it anywhere.  It has a light refreshing berry flavor that is a welcoming start to your day.  Make it strong (2 scoops to 8-12 oz water) or regular (1 scoop to 6-9 oz water) depending on what you have planned for your day.  Drink it fast if you are in a hurry – or sip it throughout the morning to keep you fueled and ready for anything!

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