Tocotrienol Vitamin E for Physicians and Health Practitioners


This primer is especially for the many physicians and health care practitioners who have contacted us as of late about Tocotrienol Vitamin E.   We refer you to the Physicians reference guide for a great amount of research and study detail on Tocotrienol Vitamin E as well – Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols.   If you would like a copy, please contact us at 801-648-7701.

Now speaking english, Tocotrienol Vitamin E is the highest form of Vitamin E, as compared to Tocopherol Vitamin E.  Tocopherol Vitamin E is typically the Vitamin E sold at health markets and supplement outlets.  Most people do not even know there are two forms of Vitamin E.  But as you will see, the Tocotrienol Vitamin E is a very productive and effective, and more beneficial form when it comes to improving and supporting your good health.

We can only begin to scratch the surface here, but consider this – The University of South Florida has conducted significant studies, and even applied for a patent utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E in the treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer, which even in recent history usually meant death to patients who had the disease.  Countless studies have been done (available on  Here is just a glimpse of the studies showing positive results with Tocotrienol Vitamin E and Breast Cancer.

You will note that item 4 on this schedule refers to Gamma Tocotrienol’s ability to induce apoptosis in breast tissue.   We also invite you to learn about apoptosis (the self-destruction of cells) here:

Tocotrienol is also a powerful cardio-vascular support.  As shown in the numerous videos on our YouTube Channel, you can see how plaque is created in the arteries, atherosclerosis, liver issues, brain and vision can all be effected by a poor cardio-vascular system.  Tocotrienol has also been shown to safely remove plaque from the arteries.  Why should this matter?  Plaque in the arteries narrows the arteries, hardens, and causes blood flow to be restricted.  Simply said, it is kind of like stepping on a garden hose, then turning the water on full blast.  The blockage from your foot will not let the water through full force, and you end up trying to wash your car with just a trickle.  Do that too often, and you end up with a dirty car and buying a worn-out hose!

Additional success has been experienced in utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E with patients who have Amyloidosis.  We invite you to view our prior post on amyloidosis here.  Utilizing a treatment protocol including 300-400 mg per day of Tocotrienol Vitamin E has helped to reduce the amyloid proteins stored in the heart and liver of Mr. Kim, and taken him off the transplant schedule for his heart and lungs.   Mr. Kim has several family members with this same disease, who are also utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E in their daily routine and experiencing powerful results.

It is important that you do not mistake Cardio-Care Tocotrienol as any kind of a cure-all formulation.  It has its important and principal uses.  Equally important is a healthy diet and proper nutritional and supplementation support for the other key functions of your body.  Please take the time to follow our blog, and learn all that you can about proper nutrition and supplementation, and obtain the right formulations to restore your good health.












1 thought on “Tocotrienol Vitamin E for Physicians and Health Practitioners

  1. Thank you for preparing this for our review. This has been a helpful start to understanding how the Tocotrienol Vitamin E can support those suffering from the various forms of Amyloidosis. I have left you a message about getting your book, and look forward to learning more.

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