What’s clogging up those pipes?

Digestion.  An amazing system, when you think about it.  Probably the most intricate “plumbing” set-up in the universe.  Complicated, and very easy to get “backed-up”!  Especially with today’s typical active lifestyle and fast-and-quick meals on the run.  when you start to learn about all of the other things going n in our environment, and realize the number of chemicals alone we have stored in our bodies, it starts to be easy to see how our pipes are getting clogged up!

So how do you ensure that you have things “running smooth” in your system?  Let me simplify it for you:  Put good stuff in, get the bad stuff out, and pay attention to the function of your digestive system.   I know that sounds simple, right?   But there are so many things besides just the food you eat that can cause problems in your digestive system.  For instance – did you know that your body has around 400-800 chemicals stored, mostly in your fat cells?  That alone can make you sluggish.   Then the low-density nutrient poor food we eat, especially fast food, puts a lot of calories in, but not a lot of nutrition at the cellular level.  then our bodies slow down or even cease in the production of essential enzymes and digestive juices.  And without the proper balance and pro-biotics in our digestive tract, we can’t expect that system to work well at all!

Here’s the good news.  There is something you can do about it.  A good quality detox can hep to clear the toxins and chemicals from your system.  And getting good nutrition, in the form of supplementation, greens, vegetables and fruits, the right proteins and enzyme support can make all the difference in getting your system working well again.  There are simple changes you can make to restore your digestive health.  Take the steps necessary to be your own “plumber” and get those pipes clean again.

3 thoughts on “What’s clogging up those pipes?

  1. I think it interresting that colonic charge separation seems to be the main culprit in both Crohn’s and Colitis. In both diseases the intestines have lost their integrity because the tissues no longer function able to maintain their separatness and integrities.

  2. I also have a sister who goes for days without going (forgive the “mom description” #2 – how can she benefit from a detox? Is there something else that she could do to get things moving better? She doesn’t drink water, she doesn’t like the taste. Her diet is pretty good and she is not over-weight, if anything, she is underweight. Please help!

    • Jenny – your sister could really benefit from good drinking water! But if she really can’t stand the taste, then she should be drinking a water-based -0- calorie drink of some kind – maybe Propel or Crystal Light. Be sure that she is not taking in more sugar! Xinko Global also has a daily beverage called Daily Drive that would help – she mixes with water, it has a light raspberry flavor. Not only can it help in getting ore fluids in, but it has a good healthy energy, focus and digestive support, along with enzymes she needs to support her digestion as well. Enzymes are critical in digestion. She may not be producing or supporting her digestive system with those. A good Pro-Biotic can also help. She can utilize Xinko’s Activator and Pro-Bio as well.

      Obviously, a good detoxification can help – clean out her system, and remove any of the toxins and other problems she is having in a sluggish or clogged up system. Avoid the harsh chemically based detox. Get a powerful detox, that won’t keep her tied to the restroom while she is going through the process. Try Pure by Xinko Global. Then be sure she has a good daily pH balance support so that she doesn’t find herself in this situation again.

      Please learn more about detox, enzymes and digestion in our blog history, or feel free to call us for further guidance and support. 801-648-7701. http://www.xinkoglobal.com

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