Get More energy – Naturally!

OK – we hear you loud and clear!  So many of you contacted us and asked for more specific solutions to getting natural energy.  So here is some additional information in follow-up to our post “Good Vs. Evil – The Great Energy Debate”  (we encourage you to read it too!)

Your body is made of energy.  It operates like it’s own generator – you feed it fuel, it processes it for use in the forms that it needs it, and then expends the energy in your physical activity.  Sometimes you need a little, like on a lazy Sunday afternoon while you are watching movies or sports or taking an afternoon nap.  Your body doesn’t expend any extra energy, and won’t need a huge re-fill.  Now Saturday is likely a much different story.  You may be doing housework, running errands, getting in some exercise, and even extreme sports activities.  You are going to need to “gas-up” for these kinds of days, getting extra fuel to feed your energy system.

Where you get this fuel is important.   If you are already thin and athletic, or even trying to gain weight, you will need a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins to fuel your system.   If you are trying to lose weight, you will seek out lower calorie fuels and even consider liquid fuel to ensure you can get everything done without adding extra carbohydrate calories that may quickly convert and store as fat if you don’t use them all.

And on those days when you have too much to do and little time to do it, you find yourself not having time to plan out detailed balanced energy fuel (and let’s face it, we usually have 4-6 of those a week!), then I suggest you keep on hand good healthy energy support that can give you great nutritional support as well.  You will look for one that can not only give you fuel, but can help your body recover from exertion, and have good focus to support that burst of productivity, with no crash to ruin your day.  You also want something that will keep a healthy digestive system and boost your immune system so that you don’t suffer when you over-do it.

In short, it isn’t just about the energy, but it is also about getting full body and brain support that will keep you healthy too.  The right formulation is incredibly important.  And you don’t want to take anything chemical or chemically extracted, as it could upset the pH balance in your body, and deposit toxins in your fat cells that can make you feel sluggish, and show down your digestive and other systems.  So when you hear someone say “it’s all natural” – that’s not the only thing that matters (although it matters greatly!).  Ensure that you have non-chemically extracted all natural ingredients that will boost energy, focus, recovery and immune boost with a dose of good nutrition too!

Xinko Global’s Daily Drive is the perfect support whether you are in for a high-impact pressure-filled workday, a busy and extreme sports Saturday, and even for a laid-back Sunday.  It won’t keep you up all night, it will give you the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.  Daily Drive is simple to carry, as it is a light-weight mini-scoop powder that you mix with water.  Whether it is bottled water, your filtered water or in a mixing cup, you can make it and take it anywhere.  It has a light refreshing berry flavor that is a welcoming start to your day.  Make it strong (2 scoops to 8-12 oz water) or regular (1 scoop to 6-9 oz water) depending on what you have planned for your day.  Drink it fast if you are in a hurry – or sip it throughout the morning to keep you fueled and ready for anything!

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Tocotrienol Vitamin E for Physicians and Health Practitioners


This primer is especially for the many physicians and health care practitioners who have contacted us as of late about Tocotrienol Vitamin E.   We refer you to the Physicians reference guide for a great amount of research and study detail on Tocotrienol Vitamin E as well – Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols.   If you would like a copy, please contact us at 801-648-7701.

Now speaking english, Tocotrienol Vitamin E is the highest form of Vitamin E, as compared to Tocopherol Vitamin E.  Tocopherol Vitamin E is typically the Vitamin E sold at health markets and supplement outlets.  Most people do not even know there are two forms of Vitamin E.  But as you will see, the Tocotrienol Vitamin E is a very productive and effective, and more beneficial form when it comes to improving and supporting your good health.

We can only begin to scratch the surface here, but consider this – The University of South Florida has conducted significant studies, and even applied for a patent utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E in the treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer, which even in recent history usually meant death to patients who had the disease.  Countless studies have been done (available on  Here is just a glimpse of the studies showing positive results with Tocotrienol Vitamin E and Breast Cancer.

You will note that item 4 on this schedule refers to Gamma Tocotrienol’s ability to induce apoptosis in breast tissue.   We also invite you to learn about apoptosis (the self-destruction of cells) here:

Tocotrienol is also a powerful cardio-vascular support.  As shown in the numerous videos on our YouTube Channel, you can see how plaque is created in the arteries, atherosclerosis, liver issues, brain and vision can all be effected by a poor cardio-vascular system.  Tocotrienol has also been shown to safely remove plaque from the arteries.  Why should this matter?  Plaque in the arteries narrows the arteries, hardens, and causes blood flow to be restricted.  Simply said, it is kind of like stepping on a garden hose, then turning the water on full blast.  The blockage from your foot will not let the water through full force, and you end up trying to wash your car with just a trickle.  Do that too often, and you end up with a dirty car and buying a worn-out hose!

Additional success has been experienced in utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E with patients who have Amyloidosis.  We invite you to view our prior post on amyloidosis here.  Utilizing a treatment protocol including 300-400 mg per day of Tocotrienol Vitamin E has helped to reduce the amyloid proteins stored in the heart and liver of Mr. Kim, and taken him off the transplant schedule for his heart and lungs.   Mr. Kim has several family members with this same disease, who are also utilizing Tocotrienol Vitamin E in their daily routine and experiencing powerful results.

It is important that you do not mistake Cardio-Care Tocotrienol as any kind of a cure-all formulation.  It has its important and principal uses.  Equally important is a healthy diet and proper nutritional and supplementation support for the other key functions of your body.  Please take the time to follow our blog, and learn all that you can about proper nutrition and supplementation, and obtain the right formulations to restore your good health.












Good vs. Evil – The Energy Debate

If you are into energy – and finding it in a can on the shelf – you have surely heard so many of the stories involved in the great energy debate…. are they bad for me?  There are a lot of conflicting statements, and you have to wonder – is it a competing company putting all of the scary stories out into the vast internet universe, or is there real science behind the concerns surrounding these products?

My answer, after considerable reading (hours and hours and hours of searching, reading and listening), there is defininely some of both.  Yes, there are a lot of rumors and mis-statements.   But there is a lot of science out there too.   And there is a lot of information in the middle.  Here are a few of the concerns I have gleaned, and some proposed solutions for you.

1.   Many of these energy drinks contain a lot of calories.   And those calories come from carbohydrates.   Now if you are running a marathon or playing in a 3-day softball tournament, then that may not be such a bad thing.   But if you are one of the daily drinkers just to get through class or work, this could add significant pounds.  Additionally, even when you drink one of the “low-calorie” versions, you have to consider what has been replaced, which is usually an artificial sweetener and stimulants, which could be causing untold problems for your health long-term.   While there has been little research as of yet because these products are not long in the market-place, we do know that artificial stimulants and some sweeteners can cause liver, kidney and heart problems when ingested in high quantities.  Depending on your physical make-up – this could mean if you are drinking them frequently, these chemical and artificial ingredients are building up and causing you short-term problems like digestive and intestinal issues, as well as long-term results such as organ, brain or body chemistry imbalances.

2.  They “Pump You Up”, only to let you down.   Most, if not all, who consume these beverages, have a noticeable boost in energy, only to become sluggish and almost life-less within a couple of hours after drinking them.   This is simply common sense.  What goes up, must come down.  And so it becomes a vicious cycle, needing more and more of the drink, just to function.  There are many who have become dependent upon the beverages, much like those of my “generation” (yes, I am right there in the middle of those baby-boomers and gen-X’ers) used to be dependent on Mtn. Dew and Diet Coke!  And lets not even get started on the daily “need” for coffee and espresso!   But the principle is the same: if you become dependent on them even to just get through the day, you are not functioning at your highest capacity.  The swings in the chemical balance alone will cause you to have great productive times, then drop to the inability to think through even a simple problem or issue.  We become conditioned to the cycle, and fall into the excuse of just accepting it as what is instead of finding opportunity to get a “natural high” that can sustain us throughout the day, without the highs and lows and problem side-effects.

3.  Where is the nutrition?  These energy drinks are marketed to accomplish one thing:  boost energy!  Some claims even say that they decrease your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and get good nutrition at the cellular level.  Since the absorption of nutrients is slower, there is a large chance that the fluid absorption rate of the body is also slower. Difficulty in natural re-hydration of the body during or after any type of exertion can cause danger to your health. Athletes, who lose great quantities of fluids during games and practices, should be aware of this circumstance for they are one the target markets of energy drinks.

Is there a solution to this?  YES!  If you insist that you just can’t get through your day without 1 or 2 or 3 of these energy drinks, then you need to be sure that you have good nutrition and support to counter-act the possible side-effects!  This likely means a sound supplementation program, which will support your cardio-vascular system, cellular nutrition, absorption of nutrients, re-hydration and consider a healthy, natural energy boost that can even out the ups and downs you experience using these drinks.   Now please forgive me, but I am about to sound like your mother….. you could always stop drinking them!   Find a good natural energy boost!  I know of 2 great ones that won’t make you crash.  You will be highly productive.  You won’t be swinging from the chandelier, but you won’t be wallowing in the basement later either.   Your heart won’t race, you won’t have a sugar rush, but you will function at a higher level than before.  And after-all, isn’t that really why you were drinking these in the first place?

Please enjoy our energy video on YouTube.   

Want to know more about getting the right support if you are drinking the energy drinks?  Want to get a healthy energy alternative?   Learn more on your YouTube Channel, or call us at 801-648-7701!

What’s clogging up those pipes?

Digestion.  An amazing system, when you think about it.  Probably the most intricate “plumbing” set-up in the universe.  Complicated, and very easy to get “backed-up”!  Especially with today’s typical active lifestyle and fast-and-quick meals on the run.  when you start to learn about all of the other things going n in our environment, and realize the number of chemicals alone we have stored in our bodies, it starts to be easy to see how our pipes are getting clogged up!

So how do you ensure that you have things “running smooth” in your system?  Let me simplify it for you:  Put good stuff in, get the bad stuff out, and pay attention to the function of your digestive system.   I know that sounds simple, right?   But there are so many things besides just the food you eat that can cause problems in your digestive system.  For instance – did you know that your body has around 400-800 chemicals stored, mostly in your fat cells?  That alone can make you sluggish.   Then the low-density nutrient poor food we eat, especially fast food, puts a lot of calories in, but not a lot of nutrition at the cellular level.  then our bodies slow down or even cease in the production of essential enzymes and digestive juices.  And without the proper balance and pro-biotics in our digestive tract, we can’t expect that system to work well at all!

Here’s the good news.  There is something you can do about it.  A good quality detox can hep to clear the toxins and chemicals from your system.  And getting good nutrition, in the form of supplementation, greens, vegetables and fruits, the right proteins and enzyme support can make all the difference in getting your system working well again.  There are simple changes you can make to restore your digestive health.  Take the steps necessary to be your own “plumber” and get those pipes clean again.